Van Raff was born in East London, offering affordable luxury watches. Van Raff is passionate about craftsmanship and sustainability. The initial concept behind starting Van Raff watches was to offer quality watches at reasonable prices but the brand has evolved from an affordable luxury watch brand into a sustainable watch brand. We are committed to reducing our carbon footprints by providing an option to our customers for a sustainable lifestyle. We believe that the choices that we will make today will impact our planet tomorrow. That is why people now are becoming more conscious about sustainability. Therefore, we aim to follow our sustainability ethos by making it easy for our customers to be sustainable.

 Committed to sustainability: The quality of our watches stands the test of time and at the end of their life cycle, our watches are ready to get recycled to get a new life.

 We aim to offer 100% recycled watches and we are happy to incentivize our customers for adapting sustainable lifestyle. Therefore, by joining our Van Raff community named as “RecycleMyVanRaff” (#RecycleMyVanRaff) customers can return their old, damaged or unwanted watches back to us and earn substantial credit for their next purchase. This way we are doing our bit and giving rewards to our customers for doing their bit. 

  Why are we doing it?   

We firmly believe that recycling is immensely significant as our planet is facing a crisis due to fast fashion. Fashion and apparel industry produces billions of tons of waste every year and the majority of that waste ends up in the sea or landfills in developing and poor countries. At Van Raff watches, we are committed to reducing our carbon footprint by maximum repeat utilization through recycling and we are aiming to become the most sustainable wristwatch brand.

How does RecycleMyVanRaff community work?

Step 1 Return: Just return your old or damaged Van Raff watch to our warehouse in the UK.

Step 2 Reward: Once we receive your old watch at our warehouse, we will issue you credit to buy your new Van Raff watch.

Step 3 Recycle: We will recycle it to make a new Van Raff watch. It is that simple.

                  & REPEAT 😊


What do I get in return?

We are electrified to reward our customers for their efforts to save the planet and by joining Van Raff community our customers get the sense of becoming a part of sustainability lifestyle. And more importantly, you are making a sustainable choice, too by contributing to the efforts to save the planet. Let’s try to be slightly kinder on the planet. Isn’t?